Manuel Molina Productions

a Peruvian-born, internationally-acclaimed producer, director and guitarist


Every year, Manuel Molina brings together some of the world’s most talented musicians for a one-of-a-kind musical performance, "A Night Around the World." Year after year, Molina’s intuitive creativity blends seemingly dissimilar styles into a harmonious celebration of pure musical joy. Local and international—it doesn’t matter! The show blends classical, jazz, Andean, Cuban, Russian and more.

His performance bridges cultures, enriches our communities and nurtures new and existing talent. His show is seen by all types of audiences—young, professional, students, adults...; this concert is a celebration and awareness to all sorts of audiences.

The evening will feature a live orchestra of award winning and internationally acclaimed artists from different parts of the world, including the USA, Cuba, Peru, Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Spain, Hungary, Italy and more.

This show is a MUST SEE!

The next performance will be fall 2019. Add yourself to our email list to be notified of when tickets go on sale.